Photo of me, Louise MercerHello. I am a fully qualified Body Control Pilates® Matwork teacher and member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) holding Level 3 qualification (advanced instructor).

I have been a Body Control Pilates teacher for over 18 years and am a Supervising Teacher, coaching and assessing student-teachers of ‘Body Control Pilates’ through their course and supervisory period prior to their final exams.

My work involves not only teaching Body Control Pilates, but also working closely with other healthcare professionals such as consultant orthopaedic surgeons, osteopaths and physiotherapists. I am experienced in pre- and post- operative rehabilitation work (if you have any specific medical issues or concerns please call me as all medical conditions can benefit).

I first came into contact with Pilates as a professional dancer, as long, lean and flexible muscle is required in dancing rather than the tight bulkiness that can develop with other exercise programmes.

When cancer cut my dancing career short, I decided to develop my interest in the treatment and prevention of injuries and so 23 years ago, I retrained as a sports therapist. I continue to use those skills, alongside Pilates in a way that best rehabilitates my patients and clients..

My qualifications are:

BCP Matwork and Small Equipment

Pilates for Fibromyalgia/PoTS/CFS & ME

Rehabilitative Breast Care Exercise Specialist (‘Pink Ribbon‘ certified)
Pilates in Pregnancy

Body Control Pilates Golf

Pilates In Sport

Pilates and Better Mental Health

Pilates for POTS, M.E & Fibromyalgia

Shoulder and Knee Rehabilitation certifications (A.P.P.I  The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institution)

IIHHT (Adv Dip); IIHFST; MICHFST; MICHT :- Sports Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Indian Head , Magnet Therapy (Jong Baik Education)

AISTD (MB)(IB)(NB) :- Dance Teaching

I continue to develop my skills and knowledge by attending workshops and courses every year for both Manual therapies and Pilates.

Along side my Pilates and injury rehab work, I also co/own and teach “CHORUS LINE FITNESS” (dance fitness based around West End & Broadway musicals).

Please note:

Due to the restrictions placed on us during the Covid 19 pandemic, we are no longer allowed to touch our clients. Therefore, my usually very ‘hands-on’ approach has now become all about verbal cueing and demonstration. We will return to the much preferred ‘hands-on’ method as soon as the restriction has been lifted.