Each class lasts one hour and has a maximum of twelve students.
1 hr group class covering a 5 week term is £45.00. (Please note, these are not drop in classes. If you miss a class, I do not credit you monetarily, however if there are available spaces in another appropriate level class that term, you may make up your missed session then)

Private Lessons  are available for £40 (with Louise) , or £35.00 (with Megan) per hour

(Please note: a further fee may be added if you require a home visit)

Share a private lesson with a friend or partner £50 per hour per couple

A small group workshop of 75 min is occasionally available at £15.00 per person.

Further information can be found on the FAQ page.

Should you wish to enrol for a class, please contact me (details at the bottom of the page) to discuss your requirements.